Phabricator Packages for EPEL, Fedora

Using Pagure and COPR, Tim Flink and I have settled on using common infrastructure to further the inclusion of Phabricator in to the Fedora repositories (and EPEL). I’m hoping this will bear fruit and get more people on board.

Our Pagure repository is at Phab Phour Phedora — a mix of Fabuluous Four, Phabricator for Fedora, using the Phacility type of spelling for Fs, and Tim and I each offer a COPR repository; kanarip/phabricator (with packages updated weekly) and tflink/phabricator.

If you work with Phabricator, you may just need the arcanist package from these repositories, but if you run a server I can recommend you use these package repositories.

The packages available are currently under review (libphutil, arcanist and phabricator)


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