Kolab 16 Available for Ubuntu Xenial: Testing

I wrote before about a lack of support for PHP 7 in an essential utility used to generate language-specific bindings to our libraries, called SWIG. Well, on December 29th 2016, SWIG released a version that does support PHP 7. In the past few days, I’ve spent some time in patching both libkolabxml and libkolab packages… Continue reading Kolab 16 Available for Ubuntu Xenial: Testing

PHP 7 Support for Swig

Dear lazyweb, We have a statistically significant number of enthusiasts interested in getting Kolab available for Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial), but it ships with PHP 7 — and PHP 7 only, it appears. We use Swig to generate PHP and Python and other bindings for the two C++ libraries libkolab and libkolabxml. Swig appears to, not… Continue reading PHP 7 Support for Swig