Spousal Communication

My wife and I sometimes communicate through writing on the master bedroom closet doors, with chalk, somewhat like notes on one’s pillow / desk / the dining room table. This happens in Dutch, and translates rather poorly (BTW, I have pictures too, so it did happen); “Papa houdt WEL een beetje van mama.” “Een beetje… Continue reading Spousal Communication


Today, I’m sharing with you my ~/.vimrc, and some of the gotchas I’ve learned to live with over the years;

The Kolab Weekly

This week in the Kolab universe, …

The Kolab Weekly

Better late than never, here’s another Kolab Weekly — for week 09 though, from February 29th through March 4th. There’s quite a few things from last week that have little to do with Kolab development, though, and involve some infrastructure and packaging (but not for Kolab Winterfell). I recently posted an article on a status… Continue reading The Kolab Weekly

Downtime of kolab.org/hub

Some of you may have noticed that our forums had gone down yesterday, which has had a simple reason; The startup command for the NodeBB service failed in keeping the NodeJS in the foreground, but the systemd unit file was not configured to allow it to fork to the background. So, we had started the… Continue reading Downtime of kolab.org/hub

Release of Guam 0.7.2

The most important changes include: The systemd unit file no longer switches to user/group guam (see also T971) The required HOME environment variable is now set in the systemd unit file Better matching of LIST, XLIST and LSUB (T1028) The release tarball is available here (signed here). Packages are available for Kolab 16.

One Baguette, So Many Questions

 This is two halves of a part of a baguette, smeared with cream cheese with herbs and garlic, on top of which bacon, on top of which salami, on top of whish ham, finishing with a layer of Gruyere cheese.



You Board First When You Have Status

A status board describes the services the way they run — in full effect, with some connotations, perhaps with a defect or failure. Whichever may be the case of the situation at that moment, though — a status board reflects the current state. I believe it does not solely reflect the current state. I believe… Continue reading You Board First When You Have Status