Landing erlang 18.3 in Winterfell

I’m about to land erlang-18.3, from my home project, on to Winterfell. This enables, among other things, Guam to use the TLS SNI extension and serve Hosted Kolab deployments better. Please prepare for a rocky afternoon 😉

Your First Steps w/ Phoenix and Elixir

Here’s how you can start taking your first few steps with the Phoenix Framework: # cd /etc/yum.repos.d/ # wget # wget # wget Next is the most difficult step: # dnf install phoenix And why not participate in our experiments on this technology? It’s dead easy to get started. Next week, what… Continue reading Your First Steps w/ Phoenix and Elixir

The Kolab Weekly

Welcome back to the Kolab weekly. In these weeklies, I summarize what’s been happening in the Kolab universe 😉 Product Ownership I’m pleased to announce we have an official product owner: me. More on this later, but … This means that I’m in charge of understanding what the needs are for feature requests that come… Continue reading The Kolab Weekly

Winterfell is Having Dinner

Kolab Winterfell has ended up in a state that is dysfunctional — I warned you it would, and now it has. I love being right. (… silence for applause …) It is the Guam packages that has received a fix for T1028: It did not parse all LIST, XLIST and LSUB commands correctly. As a… Continue reading Winterfell is Having Dinner

Run Kube in Just 65 Fewer Easy Steps

In a previous blog post, I listed 69 steps necessary to get Kube running. You didn’t really think I was going to leave it at that though, right? So, here’s 65 fewer steps: Add the repository configuration: $ sudo wget -O/etc/yum.repos.d/Kube:Winterfell.repo \ Import the GPG public key used to sign the packages: $ rpm… Continue reading Run Kube in Just 65 Fewer Easy Steps

UPDATE: Support Your Distribution, or else …

Following up on my previous post on distribution support for Kolab, I have a quick brief on the current status. I will also set a deadline for you: My presentation on the subject during the Kolab Summit this year (date and location TBD). We’ve added Stretch as a build target for Kolab Winterfell, meaning you… Continue reading UPDATE: Support Your Distribution, or else …

Jessie, Stretch and Xenial Packaging Fixes

Another late night, more packaging fixes. While the Debian and Ubuntu packages for Kolab Winterfell (Manticore and Guam, and their dependencies including erlang and nodejs) are still being worked on, at least libkolabxml and libkolab issues are now fixed. Good night!

Introducing Winterfell

Up north, where the men are real men, the fights are real fights, and peace is an intermezzo. Hear! Hear! Some projects, with some of the GNU/Linux distributions among the most well-known, have code names for their bleeding edge builds. Be it Rawhide, Tumbleweed or Sid, these code names are used to refer to the… Continue reading Introducing Winterfell