Kolab Now: Disabled IMAP Proxy

Since last weekend’s upgrade of Kolab Now to Kolab 16, some customers have reported IMAP connection and folder synchronization issues. I have therefore elected to bypass the IMAP proxy used to filter groupware folders, basically returning all IMAP client connections to the same behaviour and connection end-points you were accustomed to before. While our tests… Continue reading Kolab Now: Disabled IMAP Proxy

Heads-up on NSS 3.27, Guam

Many distributions, among which Fedora in 23 & 24, and Arch Linux, have recently shipped NSS 3.27, sometimes packaged as 3.27.0, or even 3.27.1. This release may just have triggered some confusion about disabling, enabling, and defaulting to or not, the NSS implementation of TLS version 1.3 (currently in draft). Fun! We’ve received reports from… Continue reading Heads-up on NSS 3.27, Guam

Apple on Guam: The Dots on The i

I’ve said before we had gotten reports from people that voluntarily participate in the Kolab Now Beta Programme, that the iPhone iOS and Mac OS X Mail.app were not really happy using IMAP over implicit SSL (you know, the one on port 993). Here’s a summary of the things that have happened thus far; Supply… Continue reading Apple on Guam: The Dots on The i

Kolab Now Beta Program: An Update

Now that we’ve launched our Kolab Now Beta Program, I get to tell you more about what it is we learn from it. Before we start, the features that are a part of this program are not supported. You’re welcome to provide us with feedback on the Kolab Hub Beta Program forum, but feedback does… Continue reading Kolab Now Beta Program: An Update

Landing erlang 18.3 in Winterfell

I’m about to land erlang-18.3, from my home project, on to Winterfell. This enables, among other things, Guam to use the TLS SNI extension and serve Hosted Kolab deployments better. Please prepare for a rocky afternoon 😉

Outlook and IMAP: A Fatal Combination?

We’ve received reports of Microsoft Outlook users who use IMAP and appear close to hitting their storage quota receive an annoying and perhaps even debilitating number of pop-up alerts. TL;DR: Raise your quota, clean out your mailbox and switch to a functional client. Or any of the 7 other options. Let us set the scene:… Continue reading Outlook and IMAP: A Fatal Combination?

Release of Guam 0.7.2

The most important changes include: The systemd unit file no longer switches to user/group guam (see also T971) The required HOME environment variable is now set in the systemd unit file Better matching of LIST, XLIST and LSUB (T1028) The release tarball is available here (signed here). Packages are available for Kolab 16.