Kolab 16.1 for Jessie: Way Ahead of Schedule

I reported before that I was a little ahead of schedule in making Kolab 16.1 available for Debian Jessie, and as it turns out I was wrong — I’m way ahead.

In fact, installing and configuring Kolab 16.1 on Jessie passes without any major head-aches. I think the one little tidbit I have left relates to attempting to restart amavisd.service whereas the setup should be attempting to restart amavis.service.

I said originally I was going to start next week, but I think instead I’m going to stop next week and let our community give it a couple of spins and open up the floor for fixes.


2 thoughts on “Kolab 16.1 for Jessie: Way Ahead of Schedule

  1. Hi,

    thanks for making kolab 16 available for Debian stable users! I did an installation yesterday, and as I was smart enough to configure postfix as “Internet host” when the Debian package was installed (which I missed two years ago, leading to a lot of extra work), it went smoothly this time. Except that I got an error about /var/log/clamav/freshclam.log to be locked by another process, and an error that amavisd.service failed to restart, because Unit amavisd.service failed to load (No such file), which is related to your post.

    OK, I believe I should write a bug report, but my point was that installation went very smoothly!




  2. How about Ubuntu 14.04, I’d like to upgrade from Kolab 14 to 16.1 or 17 and then fix a few issues around calendars in roundcube mail. Btw. Is there a docu how to contribute?


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