Traffic Shaping History Month

I’ve favored the fairer XX, I’ve made the data be collected, and I’ve crunched the numbers. For periods of a few days each, applying several different traffic shaping and collecting the individual measurements, overall trends and applying my critical faculties, I’ve settled what this is going to look like. It turns out any one connection… Continue reading Traffic Shaping History Month

PHP 7 Support for Swig

Dear lazyweb, We have a statistically significant number of enthusiasts interested in getting Kolab available for Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial), but it ships with PHP 7 — and PHP 7 only, it appears. We use Swig to generate PHP and Python and other bindings for the two C++ libraries libkolab and libkolabxml. Swig appears to, not… Continue reading PHP 7 Support for Swig