About Me

I’m a father, husband and techie employed as the Senior Solutions Architect for Kolab Systems AG.

Part of my daily routine includes delivery to market of community and enterprise Kolab. negotiating the intricacies of integrating more features, innovating the way we work with multiple streams of massive amounts of information, designing, operating and enhancing deployments maintained by Kolab Systems, and consuming just about the majority of the beer supply in restaurants and shops around the office. I assist a team of developers in resolving their technical challenges and a team of consultants in giving customers the loudest bang for their buck.

My specific trade is the ability to learn very quickly and/or make very well educated guesses and/or be very lucky in ordering chaos. The way my ill-conceived brain seems to work leans to one particular end of that spectrum, but honestly, other people are a better judge of my character.

I love Free Software. The depth of this rabbit hole entertains my curious self. I literally get lost for hours on end in the maze of amaze. Really, it makes me feel stupid, it humiliates me, it’s humbling. Challenge accepted.