Instead, There Will Be No Kolab 18

We had previously planned for a Kolab 18 release, but given the additional work associated with slapping a new version number on an otherwise fully compatible series of enhancements, have decided against it.

What enhancements do I speak of?

They include the responsive skin for Roundcube, a development started by the upstream project, and finalized for Kolab by our very own Alec. This should make the use of mobile devices and tablets against the web client much more enjoyable.

They include integrating WOPI capabilities in Chwala, therefore no longer requiring a separate component for the integration with Collabora Online.

They include work on a reverse IMAP proxy that does just that one job it needs to perform, and perform really well. For fun, we’ve added TLS SNI capabilities to it, but we haven’t finalized doing the same for STARTTLS / explicit TLS, nor do we currently have an implementation for SMTP/Submission, and it needs a little bit of a configuration framework to be actually proper.

They include certified compatibility and performance-tested IBM Power 8 and Power 9 releases — an ever ongoing effort to squeeze the most performance out of the best and most affordable open architecture hardware.

They include some work to integrate Mattermost in to the web client.

They include further enhancements to the integration of Seafile.

They include our new awesome shiny glittering desktop client, Kube.

They include bringing Kolab and Seafile and other extensions to the popular Plesk platform, used in website and application hosting environments.

They include availability for newer Linux distributions, such as Debian 9 and Ubuntu 18.04.

They include finalization (almost) of the audit trail (Bonnie), which is now set to be integrated with that reverse IMAP proxy I talked about.

Lets round it off somehow; plenty of features added, compatible with and on top of the existing Kolab 16.

We have more ideas about the future of this technology, but that’ll be for a later blog post. Stay tuned!