Run Kube in Just 69 Easy Steps

Step 1: First, get yourself a Fedora 23 installation — the workstation edition with a GNOME desktop is recommended, so you don’t run in to conflicts when we start building and installing parts of KDE Frameworks. Step 2: Install the following necessities to get started: # dnf -y install cmake gcc-c++ git make Step 3:… Continue reading Run Kube in Just 69 Easy Steps

The Evolution of Kolab Development

In the past, even before I joined the Kolab community, our product was released on a feature-based schedule. We’ve changed that to time-based releases, with an aim to be able to provide something new every 6 months or so. We’re now changing it again, but not in the way you might think. Not too long… Continue reading The Evolution of Kolab Development

Use the Prompt, GIT!

Everybody who knows me knows I hate to run in circles. Suffering from a repetition syndrome is what awaits everyone who’s ignoring those nifty tricks that make their lives more convenient. Over the course of years, I’ve met many people that use GIT too frequently to not have their setup include the convenience of a… Continue reading Use the Prompt, GIT!