Kolab Now: Another Round of Updates

This weekend has seen a variety of systems being issued either of, or combination of, the following commands; yum -y update yum –enablerepo=kolab-16-updates-testing -y update puppet agent -t –no-noop reboot rm -f /dev/null; mknod -m 666 /dev/null c 1 3 I don’t expect everyone to know and understand what these pieces mean, so I’ll divide… Continue reading Kolab Now: Another Round of Updates

Kolab Now: Disabled IMAP Proxy

Since last weekend’s upgrade of Kolab Now to Kolab 16, some customers have reported IMAP connection and folder synchronization issues. I have therefore elected to bypass the IMAP proxy used to filter groupware folders, basically returning all IMAP client connections to the same behaviour and connection end-points you were accustomed to before. While our tests… Continue reading Kolab Now: Disabled IMAP Proxy

Outlook and IMAP: A Fatal Combination?

We’ve received reports of Microsoft Outlook users who use IMAP and appear close to hitting their storage quota receive an annoying and perhaps even debilitating number of pop-up alerts. TL;DR: Raise your quota, clean out your mailbox and switch to a functional client. Or any of the 7 other options. Let us set the scene:… Continue reading Outlook and IMAP: A Fatal Combination?