This Election Is Hillaryous

Outside of the United States, we consume quite a lot of the news about the misery you seem to be suffering under. I don’t want to pretend I have all the right connotations in all the right places, but I have to admit I think we usually do consume these revelations with a thought about… Continue reading This Election Is Hillaryous

Oh SNAP, and there’s the Devil

I don’t know how else to put it. I’m sorry. It’s bad. It’s bad in my opinion, not fact. My opinion, is my expectation, will only turn fact by the time it is too late to do anything about it. It’s like, “why back-up anything?” — well, you’ll know when you’ve lost everything. In other… Continue reading Oh SNAP, and there’s the Devil

Dear WordPress, … really?

Dear WordPress, I look at my statistics rather frequently, perhaps even more so than is necessarily healthy. Here, I’m shown 4 visits from the “European Union”, while another 8+4+3+3+3 visits from countries in the European Union. What is anyone to think of this, in your view? I’d like to believe that I’m some sort of… Continue reading Dear WordPress, … really?

Spousal Communication

My wife and I sometimes communicate through writing on the master bedroom closet doors, with chalk, somewhat like notes on one’s pillow / desk / the dining room table. This happens in Dutch, and translates rather poorly (BTW, I have pictures too, so it did happen); “Papa houdt WEL een beetje van mama.” “Een beetje… Continue reading Spousal Communication

One Baguette, So Many Questions

 This is two halves of a part of a baguette, smeared with cream cheese with herbs and garlic, on top of which bacon, on top of which salami, on top of whish ham, finishing with a layer of Gruyere cheese.



Some Remainder of Courgette

Take that last half of a courgette you have in the fridge and cut out a ~30 degrees or so V shape to its core across the length of it. Then, take a string of thyme or two and put it across the length of the cut. Really stuff it in there, with force if… Continue reading Some Remainder of Courgette

Gun Control

I’m a full-blood European, born and raised. I pride myself in being more Dutch than most Dutch. Currently, as in all of my past, residing in Europe. As such I have been a subject to a long-standing, well-established culture, tradition, heritage and a large variety of social conventions and rules. I’d like to think I… Continue reading Gun Control