Kolab 16 Available for Ubuntu Xenial: Testing

I wrote before about a lack of support for PHP 7 in an essential utility used to generate language-specific bindings to our libraries, called SWIG.

Well, on December 29th 2016, SWIG released a version that does support PHP 7. In the past few days, I’ve spent some time in patching both libkolabxml and libkolab packages so that they would generate the appropriate PHP libraries — with one major result;

Kolab 16 is now available for Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial)

If you wanted to know how well that works (or not), please refer to the Installation Guide.


3 thoughts on “Kolab 16 Available for Ubuntu Xenial: Testing

  1. good job.
    BTW Installation Guide have outdated info (“The release of Kolab 17 will occur in Q1 of 2017”)


  2. I’m curious since month’s: Why couldn’t I read anything about a problem with php7 on the documentation page? The only thing it said was “Yeah, we support it, just install it.”, which was a lie.


    1. This sort of verbiage was only included for Winterfell, which you are warned about is the development version, that eats babies, for breakfast…

      Naturally a development version can “just” be installed and is not actually reasonably expected to function quite as well as a stable release.


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