Kolab:Development is #bristory

Just under 5 months ago, I announced the inception of Kolab:Winterfell. Now seems as appropriate a time as any to not leave Kolab:Development where it is and walk away, so I’ve removed it from our build system. I’ve provided a superfluous and biased graphic with this blog post that Pretty Accurately reflects my thoughts on… Continue reading Kolab:Development is #bristory

One of Them Tasters…

One of them taster workstations at our beer-and-food-and-freedom taster in Vienna is just simply going to be the greatest experience you’ll have ever had.
The reason is not the Fedora LiveCD I composed from a tweaked and tuned,  running workstation. The reason is not that we run these off of an up-to-date “Install to hard-drive”. The reason is I stole it, and are going to let my wife create that all-important feedback cycle over the weekend.

Grab your free tickets now, and we may have beers on Wednesday the 22nd of June, in beautiful Vienna/Wien, discussing precisely how awesome this is.

Oh SNAP, and there’s the Devil

I don’t know how else to put it. I’m sorry. It’s bad. It’s bad in my opinion, not fact. My opinion, is my expectation, will only turn fact by the time it is too late to do anything about it. It’s like, “why back-up anything?” — well, you’ll know when you’ve lost everything. In other… Continue reading Oh SNAP, and there’s the Devil

Dear WordPress, … really?

Dear WordPress, I look at my statistics rather frequently, perhaps even more so than is necessarily healthy. Here, I’m shown 4 visits from the “European Union”, while another 8+4+3+3+3 visits from countries in the European Union. What is anyone to think of this, in your view? I’d like to believe that I’m some sort of… Continue reading Dear WordPress, … really?

Phabricator RPMs for RHEL, Fedora

If you work with Phabricator, by engaging with Kolab (for example), you may be interested to know about our Infrastructure and Tools repositories. These contain Phabricator’s stable branches for Phabricator itself, arcanist and libphutil. The reason I mention this is because the client (your workstation) needs arcanist and libphutil to be as outdated or as… Continue reading Phabricator RPMs for RHEL, Fedora

Taste You Some of That…

This picture shows you the setup for our Zürich taster, at the Fork & Bottle. Should you also be interested in Beer, Food, Kolab, IBM and/or Red Hat on Power8, get your (free) tickets now! @ https://taster.kolabsystems.com

Landing erlang 18.3 in Winterfell

I’m about to land erlang-18.3, from my home project, on to Winterfell. This enables, among other things, Guam to use the TLS SNI extension and serve Hosted Kolab deployments better. Please prepare for a rocky afternoon 😉

Outlook and IMAP: A Fatal Combination?

We’ve received reports of Microsoft Outlook users who use IMAP and appear close to hitting their storage quota receive an annoying and perhaps even debilitating number of pop-up alerts. TL;DR: Raise your quota, clean out your mailbox and switch to a functional client. Or any of the 7 other options. Let us set the scene:… Continue reading Outlook and IMAP: A Fatal Combination?

Your First Steps w/ Phoenix and Elixir

Here’s how you can start taking your first few steps with the Phoenix Framework: # cd /etc/yum.repos.d/ # wget https://obs.kolabsys.com/repositories/home:/vanmeeuwen:/erlang-18.3/Fedora_23/home:vanmeeuwen:erlang-18.3.repo # wget https://obs.kolabsys.com/repositories/home:/vanmeeuwen:/nodejs-5.8/Fedora_23/home:vanmeeuwen:nodejs-5.8.repo # wget https://obs.kolabsys.com/repositories/home:/vanmeeuwen:/phoenix-1.1/Fedora_23/home:vanmeeuwen:phoenix-1.1.repo Next is the most difficult step: # dnf install phoenix And why not participate in our experiments on this technology? It’s dead easy to get started. Next week, what… Continue reading Your First Steps w/ Phoenix and Elixir