Dear WordPress, … really?

Screenshot from 2016-06-16 15-50-42.png
Dear WordPress,

I look at my statistics rather frequently, perhaps even more so than is necessarily healthy.

Here, I’m shown 4 visits from the “European Union”, while another 8+4+3+3+3 visits from countries in the European Union. What is anyone to think of this, in your view?

I’d like to believe that I’m some sort of intelligen person, perhaps even somewhere above average, but I do not know how to interpret this data. Are you saying you list countries without visitors individually amounting to some sort of threshold in the aggregate? Are you marketing Britain still being a member of the European Union by also labeling visits from overthere as such?

What is it precisely, that makes enterprises like yours fail so hard at such simple things, time and time again? Is it incompetence or ignorance? Do you fail just at the presentation layer or is it the data layer? What’s your analysis like, to render such dysfunctional crap?