Close your eyes and imagine a world in which a user visits a website. This website may be encrypted, and when it is, the SSL certificate used must somehow be validated. Traditionally, SSL certificates are issued by third parties that have their certificate authorities included in browsers and operating system’s bundles. This way, whichever SSL… Continue reading HPKP or DANE?

rcode0: the absolute best of the bunch

We’ve run several DNS zones for Kolab Now, using an in-house hidden nameserver topology — in order to protect the keys used to sign DNSSEC zones, both the hidden topology as well as keeping as much of it in-house as possible, have been absolute musts. More recently, we received a certain type of threat, causing… Continue reading rcode0: the absolute best of the bunch

Phabricator RPMs for RHEL, Fedora

If you work with Phabricator, by engaging with Kolab (for example), you may be interested to know about our Infrastructure and Tools repositories. These contain Phabricator’s stable branches for Phabricator itself, arcanist and libphutil. The reason I mention this is because the client (your workstation) needs arcanist and libphutil to be as outdated or as… Continue reading Phabricator RPMs for RHEL, Fedora

Outlook and IMAP: A Fatal Combination?

We’ve received reports of Microsoft Outlook users who use IMAP and appear close to hitting their storage quota receive an annoying and perhaps even debilitating number of pop-up alerts. TL;DR: Raise your quota, clean out your mailbox and switch to a functional client. Or any of the 7 other options. Let us set the scene:… Continue reading Outlook and IMAP: A Fatal Combination?

Traffic Shaping History Month

I’ve favored the fairer XX, I’ve made the data be collected, and I’ve crunched the numbers. For periods of a few days each, applying several different traffic shaping and collecting the individual measurements, overall trends and applying my critical faculties, I’ve settled what this is going to look like. It turns out any one connection… Continue reading Traffic Shaping History Month

Benchmarking Storage Pods, Part III

Massive amounts of storage at affordable prices — it almost sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? We have 4 “Storinators” — each box some 3U in height, each stuffed with 39 4TB SATA drives, and 6 1TB SSDs. 45 drives in total. 2 of them are “in production”, meaning that we’ve pulled them… Continue reading Benchmarking Storage Pods, Part III

Favor the Fairer XX

Favor the Fairer XX