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@Canon, you suck.

I should have known better and done my research in advance, buying a Canon Selphy CP910 for Lydia’s birthday. There’s no driver available for Linux, but there are drivers for the same CUPS software that Apple devices run. #fail. The printer will only take JPEG images. Not only will the printer only take JPEG images,… Continue reading @Canon, you suck.

RHEL 7.1 Support for Intel Celeron N3050

I bought an Intel Pinnacle Canyon NUC5CPYH, a.k.a. an Intel NUC barebone, for my home network. This ships with an Intel Celeron N3050 processor, which RHEL 7.1 is so kind to tell me has not been tested. However, the installation is running fine, so I expect this will “Just Work(TM)”.

A Flask Mega-Tutorial: Intermezzo I

I’ve planned to tell you more about Flask. I’ve mentioned this is an application in development, and I was following my own learning curve. I have to admit I’ve outpaced my learning curve mega-tutorial series, slightly. I was planning on maybe posting one part of the mega tutorial about every week or so, but I’m… Continue reading A Flask Mega-Tutorial: Intermezzo I