Use the Prompt, GIT!

Everybody who knows me knows I hate to run in circles. Suffering from a repetition syndrome is what awaits everyone who’s ignoring those nifty tricks that make their lives more convenient. Over the course of years, I’ve met many people that use GIT too frequently to not have their setup include the convenience of a… Continue reading Use the Prompt, GIT!

Thou Shalt Not Use OAuth

TL;DR: Do not use OAuth to “Sign in with…” without a second factor. OAuth is the mechanism with which a third party (a “client” or “App”) can be delegated a level of authority on an account (the “first party”, most commonly you) with an OAuth provider (the “second party”). This usually includes allowing an app… Continue reading Thou Shalt Not Use OAuth

A Flask Mega-Tutorial: Intermezzo I

I’ve planned to tell you more about Flask. I’ve mentioned this is an application in development, and I was following my own learning curve. I have to admit I’ve outpaced my learning curve mega-tutorial series, slightly. I was planning on maybe posting one part of the mega tutorial about every week or so, but I’m… Continue reading A Flask Mega-Tutorial: Intermezzo I

A Flask Mega-Tutorial: Part II

In Part I, we set up a virtual environment and installed a few too many modules in it. In this part, we’ll look over the directory hierarchy and start creating an application that can load configuration. Remember to navigate to that ppppp.git repository of ours, and source venv/bin/activate. A Directory Structure The following is a… Continue reading A Flask Mega-Tutorial: Part II

A Flask Mega-Tutorial: Part I

Welcome to what may be the first of many in a series on Flask, which I’ve sunk my teeth in to just last weekend. I may note that in operations, I have worked with Python before, and more specifically some Flask also. This means I’m familiar with many of the concepts, and yet it is… Continue reading A Flask Mega-Tutorial: Part I

Say, What Are You Going to Blog?

Hi there, This is a first blog post on WordPress, the one blogging platform I could find that does not have an all bad dysfunctional editor. I suppose I could’ve known, usually things are popular for a reason. With the exception of those Jabber-on-Steroids self-help programs, I reckon. I’ve been using different blogging platforms on-and-off… Continue reading Say, What Are You Going to Blog?