Short- vs. Long-term Commitments

It is not commonly understood how software development projects moving forward as fast as they can and sometimes do, can be in direct conflict with their actual rate of adoption, not to mention their commercial delivery to market. This post outlines the differences between short- and long-term commitments, and how the distinction can be used… Continue reading Short- vs. Long-term Commitments

The Evolution of Kolab Development

In the past, even before I joined the Kolab community, our product was released on a feature-based schedule. We’ve changed that to time-based releases, with an aim to be able to provide something new every 6 months or so. We’re now changing it again, but not in the way you might think. Not too long… Continue reading The Evolution of Kolab Development

And That’s the Last of CentOS

Today, I’ve turned off our last two CentOS systems, and now we run Red Hat Enterprise Linux 100% (minus the Fedora workstations), because, you know, amateur-hour be gone! Regretfully, they were firewalls, meaning at some point a unicorn somewhere may have felt the network failing over. Twice.

What About The Nulecule?

Somebody mentions to me that “struggles” may be a big word for such a small problem, and that mentioning Nulecule in the same breath may not be fair at all. That person, Joe Brockmeier, is correct, and I hereby pledge to buy him a beer — as I know Joe loves beer — does FOSDEM… Continue reading What About The Nulecule?

The Nulecule Struggles

I’m working on enabling continuous deployment with help of Nulecule, so that I can have my developer’s edges as well as a series of central environments entertain deployment based on the same triggers. For those of you outside the inner circle, Nulecule is supposed to abstract deployment to different cloud orchestration providers, whether vanilla Docker,… Continue reading The Nulecule Struggles

Kolab, SSO and Second Factors

Kolab Groupware is a collaboration suite establishing the integration of various applications you know already; Most prominently, these include 389 Directory Server, Postfix, Cyrus IMAP and Roundcube. Together, these applications would comprise a simple mail system that, in terms of functionality, would fall short of “groupware” and “collaboration” functionality. Side-note: Cyrus IMAP has added CalDAV,… Continue reading Kolab, SSO and Second Factors

A Flask Mega-Tutorial: Intermezzo II

I now have a bit more information on what it is I will be achieving, and I wanted to share the roadmap and horizon of the project I’m undertaking. The software development project is called PACK — a portal or panel for administration of Kolab Groupware. For our current most important deployment, Kolab Now, this… Continue reading A Flask Mega-Tutorial: Intermezzo II