Kolab 16.1: What’s on the Horizon

This is an announcement I just know you’re going to want to read: Kolab 16.1 will become available for the following platforms, with more details to come soon;

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and CentOS 7,
  • Debian Jessie (8)

This week, I’ll be working to make Kolab:16 for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (Maipo) the excellent current stable Kolab release it deserves to be. As many of you know, this includes Guam, the Intelligent Reverse IMAP Proxy, and includes Manticore for collaborative editing as a technology preview.

There’s quite a number of changes to the NodeJS stack that may need to be incorporated to make Manticore build and function properly, and we’ll just have to see if I can get around to entertain all of those changes in time for the Kolab 16.1 release to the community — we’re not currently planning on making it a feature included by default (i.e. with a stock, off-the-shelf installation) for our customers.

Once I’m good and ready with Kolab 16.1 for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, I’ll spend some time on making Kolab 16.1 available for Debian Jessie (8) as well. This will happen next week (November 21st through 25th), and by the end of it, you should have Kolab for Debian.

On the horizon then stands our impending Kolab 17 release. This is the more complex topic I’m looking forward to tackling, as it includes a number of enhancements that — in terms of packaging — are going to be challenging to say the least. This release will also target RHEL 7 (first) and Debian Jessie (second). After I figure out things like rebar3 — some newer versions of software depend on it for packaging, I get to back-port those changes to older releases eligible.

If you have experience in packaging, feel free to contribute! If you have some spare resources, please test what you can! All of the future work is, as usual, against Kolab Winterfell, and we have a guide to get you started. If you feel like complaining about things failing, use our development platform to be verbose about it. Should you feel like chatting about it with other Kolab users, use our Hub.

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