Kolab Now Beta Program: An Update

Now that we’ve launched our Kolab Now Beta Program, I get to tell you more about what it is we learn from it.

Before we start, the features that are a part of this program are not supported. You’re welcome to provide us with feedback on the Kolab Hub Beta Program forum, but feedback does not imply we can or will immediately assist you.

Firstly, our client and server timeouts seem slightly too strict. Users are reporting their clients issue errors and warnings about unexpected disconnect events. Some clients are particularly annoying about it, too! Don’t worry when this happens to you though, I’m on it.

Secondly, we’ve had some reports about implicit TLS not working as well as may be expected. The reports suggest the connection times out, probably attempting to negotiate TLS. I can’t reproduce this issue, and it’s therefore further down on the backlog. Should you also experience this issue however, join on the Kolab Hub Beta Program forum, and create a topic or up-vote one of the existing topics there.

Thirdly, there’s been a report about SPECIAL-USE not working for iOS / Mail.app clients. I’m failing to reproduce, and at least Thunderbird seems fine — but this is annoying, and should have already been resolved. Hence, I’m investigating, but this isn’t a high priority issue either.

What Happens Next?

Here’s why a Beta Program like this helps;

I’m provided the liberty to take systems out of rotation rather willy-nilly. I can test some changes and make some more, before I accept my work. By the time I feel happy about my changes I push one of them buttons and roll the complete Beta Program infrastructure over on to its next version. There’s a likelihood you’ll not notice at all — we’ll have more on what we do to achieve that later — and there’s another likelihood you will notice — such as when things go wrong (thanks, Murphy).

I call this breathing space. Finally.

Thank you!