Introducing the Kolab Now Beta Program

I’m pleased to be able and allowed to introduce you to the Kolab Now Beta Program, which my colleagues and myself can use to deploy newer versions of software sooner, faster and with less strict guarantees of availability and stability (i.e. the concept of a “service window” does not apply).

The first feature to be included in the program is Guam.

Guam is an intelligent reverse IMAP proxy, that is currently able to just filter the Kolab-specific groupware folders your client may not understand.

This is attractive for our users that use either Thunderbird, Evolution, Outlook, K-9,, iOS, Mutt, Emacs and other so-called fat IMAP clients, as the number one complaint is you can’t unsubscribe these folders without also losing them in the web client and CalDAV and CardDAV and WebDAV and so forth.

If you use Kontact, however, the groupware folders will remain visible. You see, Kontact identifies itself as being “Kontact” configured with a “Kolab” resource, and Guam knows that the client does not require Guam to filter the groupware folders.

Why is this in Beta?

This is your opportunity to perform what is otherwise known as “acceptance testing”. This is our opportunity to learn about some of the aspects running this for real, at scale, in production, with a very large variety of clients (and users, and use-cases, and even more opinions).

However, we can’t actually support your use of the Beta Program features. We can only solicit feedback that helps us understand what some of the issues may be, and improve the product for us, and you, and the community at large.

How do I get my Beta on?

If you’re willing to give it a go, change the IMAP server address you’re currently using ( or to That’s it.

Your client application may ask you for your password despite the fact you had chosen to let the client app remember it, because that’s how your client stores passwords.


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