The Kolab Weekly

Better late than never, here’s another Kolab Weekly — for week 09 though, from February 29th through March 4th.

There’s quite a few things from last week that have little to do with Kolab development, though, and involve some infrastructure and packaging (but not for Kolab Winterfell).

I recently posted an article on a status board fed by actual run-time data from Nagios, so that happened.

We’ve also dropped two plugins from our Roundcube plugins package and source code management, namely the ‘owncloud’ plugin — because who ever got that to work properly anyway, and the ‘kolab_zpush’ plugin, that is no longer developed nor supported.

There’s some new skin features in the Chameleon skin for Roundcube as well, but I do not know yet, what I could tell you about using that new functionality.

Also, as I’ve mentioned before, last week saw Winterfell getting back to functional again (since it was broken).