UPDATE: Support Your Distribution, or else …

Following up on my previous post on distribution support for Kolab, I have a quick brief on the current status. I will also set a deadline for you: My presentation on the subject during the Kolab Summit this year (date and location TBD).

We’ve added Stretch as a build target for Kolab Winterfell, meaning you can now indicate your support for Kolab becoming available for the next Debian stable version, by joining the project in Phabricator.

Our target is still to work for and with the distributions that have the vote and support of the community, and no others. Work on Kolab Winterfell is ongoing to add Guam and Manticore packages for APT-based distributions and this would ultimately need to result in Kolab being submitted back upstream for inclusion in the stock repositories of these distributions.

So, if there isn’t a massive number of people either wanting Kolab to be available on, say, Fedora 23, then well, Fedora 23 people get to run Docker containers. Maybe. So far, not even a dozen people have indicated their desired platform support. That’s not going to cut it.

To re-iterate, here’s the list of distributions and versions again, this time including convenient “join here” links. Make sure you are registered and logged in, which should not be more than three clicks now that our Phabricator instance supports OAuth against some of the most common third parties.