Did You Know?

Here’s an awesome feature of any near-to-default Kolab installation: Use an email address not unlike john.doe+Trash/foo@example.org to create a temporary, unique email recipient that is delivered straight to your Trash folder.

I use this feature to register with many third parties I have no interest in maintaining contact with.

Pre-requisites: The lmtp_fuzzy_mailbox_match setting in /etc/imapd.conf needs to have been turned on (as is the default in a Kolab installation).

It is also recommended to keep the other defaults: lmtp_downcase_rcpt on, unixhierarchysep on (for the dots and slashes used in the example), and Postfix’s recipient_delimiter ‘+’ for the separator used in the example, etc.

Because of the fuzzy LMTP mailbox matching, Cyrus IMAP’s LMTP delivery will first attempt to deliver the mail to user/john.doe/Trash/foo@example.org, and if that does not exist, it’ll go to user/john.doe/Trash@example.org, and if that does not exist, it’ll go to user/john.doe@example.org.

Similarly, any john.doe+somerandomstring@example.org email address will work the same way, and deliver email to your INBOX unless the folder somerandomstring actually exists.


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