Kolab for Raspberry Pi 2

I’ve promised I would share with you the results of building Kolab for the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B I recently purchased, so here’s a brief description;

First, I used an out-of-tree image composed by vaughan from the #fedora-arm IRC channel on FreeNode. Because it is on Google Drive and Google Drive sucks, I’ve uploaded a copy here:


With the checksum file (verify with sha256sum -c *.CHECKSUM):


Plug your SD card in to your computer (use journalctl -k | tail to found out what device name it gets), and dd this image on to the SD card:

# xzcat fedora-23-remix-rpi2-mini-1.raw.xz | dd of=/dev/sdX bs=32M

When this is done, sync and eject to ensure all bits are written out successfully.

You should be able to boot this image on your Raspberry Pi 2 without problems — at the root login prompt, the password is fedberry.

Running dnf -y update && reboot should work fine as it did for me.

Increasing the filesystem size is achieved by using fdisk /dev/mmcblk0, or whatever the exact address for your SD card may be, and simply deleting the second partition and recreating it with defaults, followed by maybe a partprobe and resize2fs.

After this, I’ve started installing some of the utilities needed and/or desired:

# dnf -y install \
    @buildsys-build \
    createrepo \
    @fedora-packager \
    git \
    httpd \
    mock \
    screen \
    vim-enhanced \

Save off a mock configuration file like /etc/mock/kolab-development-armv7l.cfg:

And start rebuilding source RPMs from our actual build system. A gentle reminder: Add a regular user and add it to the mock group, and use that user to issue mock commands.

As I’m preparing to depart for FOSDEM, I have to admit I am not yet done completely. Naturally, some of the more heavy tasks involve NodeJS, PhantomJS and Manticore, and they are not playing nice.

So, I regret to inform you that you are going to have to talk to me at booth K1 A4, and you are going to have to bring beer if you want to get your SD card loaded with what I have. Part of the credit (read: beer) shall be due where it is due: vaughan and other Fedora people working on ARM. I’m fairly certain Peter Robinson will be able to refer me to other people I owe beer.