@Canon, you suck.

I should have known better and done my research in advance, buying a Canon Selphy canon_logo_350_tcm13-959888CP910 for Lydia’s birthday.

  1. There’s no driver available for Linux, but there are drivers for the same CUPS software that Apple devices run. #fail.
  2. The printer will only take JPEG images.
  3. Not only will the printer only take JPEG images, it will not allow any modifications to said JPEG images.
  4. Even original JPEG images (i.e. “directly from the camera”) cannot be printed.

This sucks, and makes the manufacturer suck as well.

For the time being, we can use the application for printing on Lydia’s Android, our family Android tablet, and my iPhone.

I’ll continue hacking on it in my scarce spare time, and it may involve a screw-driver.