JMAP Proxy Docker Image

JMAP is a JSON-based API for synchronizing a mail client with a mail server.

As you may be aware, Kolab is a lot more than just a mail server, and in our endeavours to bring you the next-generation experience for collaboration, JMAP is a very interesting candidate for our web client — you may know it as Roundcube Next.

As with so many things on the leading edge of software development, figuring out how to run an environment suitable for development can be cumbersome. The particular case in point is that no IMAP server currently supports the JMAP protocol natively — albeit work is ongoing to change that.

Our friends over at FastMail have developed a JMAP proxy in Perl, currently deemed the most complete implementation, but it is a bit of a hassle to get it up and running.

So, in order to save us significant chunks of time and not run in as many circles as much, I have created a Docker image. This first iteration is large, non-optimized and uses Perl’s CPAN quite a bit too much for comfort, but I can show that it works.

First, you need to pull in the image:

$ docker pull kolab/jmap-proxy

Second, you need to run it:

$ docker run -d -p 80:80 kolab/jmap-proxy

Under the working assumption that you can now reach, you should therefore also have a JMAP proxy up and running.