A Flask Mega-Tutorial: Intermezzo I

I’ve planned to tell you more about Flask. I’ve mentioned this is an application in development, and I was following my own learning curve. I have to admit I’ve outpaced my learning curve mega-tutorial series, slightly. I was planning on maybe posting one part of the mega tutorial about every week or so, but I’m falling behind and so I’m speeding up. I can only hope to keep up the pace in posting new parts.

A weekend of hacking has taught me much more than I had imagined. A couple of hours at work yet some more, and a number of sessions with colleagues has outlined and coloured in some of the scope and functionality of the application.

I meanwhile have an actual application with Twitter, Facebook and Google OAuth authentication, which next to the more traditional email and password, we might include as an option for the initial signup and login.

I also have localized and internationalized content, to such fashion that function results are cached, and entire pages are cached, but you won’t notice when you change your language preferences — or when I fake the country of origin to test the associated currency exchange rate routines for that matter. I would appreciate opinions on how annoying, taking your preferred locale in to account, a website displaying the date and time in the incorrect format is for people. I, for one, read most of the web in United States English, but I am European. The US notation putting the month in front of the day (i.e. today is 10/01/2015) makes for some easy mistakes.

While I had Part II in draft even before I published Part I, this is not the case for Part III — all about testing. I have my work cut out for me! I will want more of your input along the way, and I’ll call these intermezzos.


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